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economy work tent

Economy Work Tent 

Utility shelter springs from backpack into full size (6'd x 6'w x 7'h) tent in seconds. Made from water-resistant, flame-retardant and UV-treated nylon, with 360° reflective striping. Quick set-up from the inside or outside, with two floor-to-floor fiber poles for better stability and structural strength. One large door and two large windows offer easy access for worker and equipment, and open bottom allows for protection while working over manhole covers or excavation sites. Comes in high-viz green, with twelve yellow 9" plastic stakes, and folds to 31"l x 2 1/2"h. Weight: 22 lbs.

$ 375.00 plus Shipping

Imported :  Cost Effective Work Tent, Keep you and your workers out of the weather. 

Mention Part Number: AG 037-9403-66

Aerial Bucket Tent Model 4800D

pop n work aerial tent

popnwork canopy cabinet tents

popnwork canopy tent

Portable Pop-Up Work Tents

Pop'n'Work Ground Tents offer: More Sizes! More Styles! More Options! More Innovations! to better meet your shelter needs.

View our full features and option specifications or see how fast and easy a Pop'n'Work shelter sets up!

Standard Sizes

Ground Strut (GS) and Flex Tent (FX): For all that work you do at ground level, Pop'n'Work has more Work Tents for you! We call them our Special Ground Tents and they include Wall Tents, Van Tents, a Pedestal Tent, a Gate Guard, a Safety Vent Tent and we even have a Heat Reflective Tent Cover!

Pop'N'Work Ground Tents - Work Tents

Ped-Pal PopnWork Tent

The Ped-Pal Work Shelter

The Ped-Pal is designed to provide simple, low-cost weather protection. It's ideal for pedestal work and similar bad weather tasks. The Ped-Pal sets up easier than an umbrella and is about half the cost of a larger work tent.

Lightweight and compact, its folded length is about 42" and fits easily into small trucks and vans. Larger sizes are available

Ground Tents: The Ped-Pal - Portable Pop Up Shelters for Small Work Sites

Perfect for Small Work Sites

The Ped-Pal has a pop-out frame in the back wall and two telescoping legs in the front wall. This tent has a white, weatherproof cover providing plenty of visibility and a zipper door. Easily secured in windy conditions, the Ped-Pal has a 4' x 4' base and is approximately 5' to it's peak.

Pop out the rear frame and extend the front legs - your Ped-Pal is ready to use!

Gate Guard Work Tent Shelter PopnWork

Pop'n'Work Gate Guard

United Safety Authority offers three solutions to protecting the manhole opening in bad weather.

  • Option 1   Unit mounts to a standard gate guard. (GS 4211) Compact and easy to store.
  • Option 2  4" x 4' canopy that mounts around the gate guard.(CT 4400) Can be used separately for other ground application.
  • Option 3  Standard ground tent, that can mount over the gate guard. The unit shown includes a safety vent to better vent odors and gases. This unit can also be used for other applications.

Complete line of quick and easy pop-up work shelters under the Pop'n'Work trade name. Our reputation for high quality and durability is unsurpassed! Our product line includes:

  • Ground Tents
  • Canopies
  • Dielectric Aerial Tents
  • Umbrellas
  • Tent Heaters

30 Seconds to Set-Up or Take-Down!

One person can set up a Onited Safety 'Work Shelter in less than 30 seconds! No loose parts to lose or slow you down!

Increase Safety & Production Levels

Job safety and productivity are top level concerns for any business. Our product features offer individuals and businesses the opportunity to increase production levels while providing a safer working environment!

  • Fast & easy set-up & take-down
  • Sturdy, durable construction
  • Stands up to strong winds
  • A tent for every work site
  • Pre-set & custom sizes available
  • One & two door options
  • Assortment of door designs
  • UV and Flame Resistant
  • Unified Frame
  • Easy store & carry Quick Pak Flap
Pop n Work Utility Work Tents, Shelters and Utility Umbrellas


The FLEX TENT is also designed for quick setup and exceptional free-standing stability, and it has the advantage of a pitched roof and a unified frame. The frame has nonbreakable hinges and is designed for quick cover replacement.

But the FLEX TENT has no ground struts. Instead, it has a telescoping X-frame in the back wall. The X-frame extends or retracts automatically as you pop the sidewall frames in or out. Because of the X-frames, the FLEX TENT has four additional features.

  • FITS INTO TIGHT SPOTS. The telescoping X-frame allows you to squeeze your tent into smaller spaces.
  • IDEAL FOR SPLICING. The flexible frame makes it possible to set the tent over cables and other obstructions. It easily adapts to rough terrain.
  • LARGE TENT STABILITY.The backwall X-frame gives the FLEX TENT free-standing stability, and it also provides vertical structural strength. This makes even large tents very stable and rugged.
  • DOORS. Small FLEX TENTS can have only one door. But the 10' x 8' and 12' x 10' can have two doors


The Versa Tent

Think versatility! The Versa Tent is great for weather protection on many different work sites.

  • Adjacent to Walls
  • Cabinet Work
  • Field Sites

69" deep, 63" wide, and 78" tall with other sizes available on request. It has one slit door with a zipper and a second door with a roll-up zipper.

Other Key Features

  • Quick and easy setup! Just pop out the two tension frames.
  • All parts are bolted. No loose parts to get lost.
  • Tight and rigid when set up.
  • Windy weather tie downs.
  • Sturdy construction, heavy duty tension frames.
  • Only 8" in diameter and 66" in length when folded.
  • Easy cover replacement if needed.
  • Two doors for easy placement and access. One full-width roll-up door and one slit door.
  • Zippered closures.
  • Vent window, round ports with closing flap.
  • Ground flaps on two sides.
  • Storage bag.

Pop'n'Work Combination Ground Van Shelter

1) As a van tent it attaches to the van quickly. The ground strut on the opposite door is split so that it can be separated and swung out of the way.2) As a ground tent, it can be also be utilized as a single or two-door tent.

Dual Purpose Protection Without Added Hardware or Options

Another great pop up work tent! The Pop'n'Work Combination Van and Ground Tent is the only one of its kind! This work tent has a number of special features:

  • Attaches easily to either 6' or 8' wide vans
  • Six attachment straps
  • Extra long skirts can be weighted with chain for wind protection
  • One door for special weather protection at the van
  • A second door has a split ground strut for added accessibility
  • Can be utilized as a regular ground tent
  • Same toughness and exceptional free standing stability as our other ground work tents
  • Same urethane coated polyester cover
  • Lightweight and folds compactly

Versatility is it's key feature!It's always ready to serve a dual weather protection role for you, without additional hardware or options. A one-of-a-kind, money saving shelter.


Standard Umbrellas are low cost weather protection that are easy to use ... sun or rain. Our center pole umbrellas come in come in three sizes and five models.



6684M        HARDWOOD     STEEL   84" 6 RIBS   66" DIA

7884W       HARDWOOD     STEEL   84" 6 RIBS   78" DIA

7886M        ALUM W/TILT     STEEL   86" 6 RIBS   78" DIA

8492W       HARDWOOD     STEEL   92" 8 RIBS   84" DIA

8492M        ALUM W/TILT      STEEL  92" 8 RIBS   84" DIA


The Umbrella Bucket Bracket

The Umbrella Bucket Bracket allows you to attach and umbrella to your lift bucket.

Heavy Duty Umbrella Stand & Standard Dielectric Umbrellas

Both the Center Pole and Sumbrellas come in dielectric models!

Center Pole Umbrellas Installation Tip

To make it easier to push the pointed umbrella poles into the ground, drill a 1/2 inch hole about 12 inches from the end of the pole. A rod can then be inserted into the hole, and the pole pushed into the ground with your foot.

For better protection on work sites adjacent to walls, try our Square Umbrella with center pole.

  • Tough vinyl covers.
  • Two-part pointed poles.
  • Sturdy hardware or aluminum with tilt.
  • Heavy duty umbrella stand.
  • Storage bag included.

The Sumbrella boasts four legs and a fiberglass roof frame Like all our work shelters, sets up quick and easy on any surface!

  • Pop out the roof frame and it's ready to use!
  • No time lost setting up a stand or securing the center pole.
  • Does not obstruct the work area.
  • 14" sides provide extra protection from sun or rain.
  • Tough vinyl covers